Travelling – why should it be Perfect and Easy?

Murphy’s Law -Pants will rip and it will be in Tehran.

The seemingly predominant representation of travelling in the current media is idyllic and dreamlike to the point that you the reader, who is not travelling, are stupid for not doing it and instead living the 9 to 5. I mean travelling as opposed to taking your holidays. If you’re on your holiday taking your few leave days from work  to experience a stress free week or two in a completely different landscape, that’s fine. Expect perfection you’re putting your money and free time into it.

When I say travelling I mean taking a break from western world conveniences, going somewhere far away you can’t just return home from at the drop of a hat, being challenged and educated about the world. A trip that makes you equal parts nervous and excited. I see things like the perfect travel wardrobe – which is so vast that it could never realistically fit in a backpack along with the necessary gear – a wardrobe that is definitely put to gether with how with will long on camera in mind not whether or not it’s practical or comfortable. Then the typical traveller feels like a slob, that they’re travel wasn’t as special because they didn’t look constantly maintained while doing it.

There’s also the ridiculous if I can do it you can and how to travel for free articles; that is as long as you have a passport that’s globally accepted, a family that can look after itself in your absence or a job that doesn’t take constant training to stay up to date and employable. Not everyone can do it for a million reasons other than money. It’s a growing frustration I’ve experienced the more I read blogs that I use to go to for encouragement and inspiration. They make travel seem easy, too easy and too perfect. It seems unattainably perfect as though you aren’t doing it right if you’re  exhausted, sick or just weren’t as enamored with a destination as you thought you might be.

I see more and more people convinced they could never do it, travel, as they couldn’t manage things as effortlessly and glamorously as it should be done. You should travel, If you want to you must. It will hard, tiring and sometimes you’ll wonder why the hell you bothered but most things worth doing – further education, relationships – cause this sort of reaction at one stage or another. Travel will too but that makes all the more worthwhile when you learn something, meet someone, see someplace that stuns you deeply and stays with you long after the moment has passed.

So if you want to travel believe you can and go for it. Research the practicalities, ignore the perfection filters and go make yourself happy. The one thing that is right no matter what is that no one can do it for you.



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