Travel – a renewed love.

Last year I took 27 flights some long, some short but all with the hassle of airport security, queueing but thankfully no delays or lost luggage so really who can complain? I was however sick at the thought of a flight by October last year. When I had to go to London a month later I was not looking forward to it at all. Flying had been reduced to the transportation in my mind; my body was goods in need of transport. It was about getting it over with.

Now I’m back to counting the days to my next flight a sign that my love and passion for travelling is returning. I burned myself out last year. Now I’m excited for my trip, have some activities pre booked and even have a cheap internal flight booked. In Norway I took an expensive bus from Bergen to Stavanger, flying would have been quicker, cheaper. I’m still glad I took the bus. But now an excess of flights isn’t daunting, it’s exciting.

Spain is my destination. I’ll admit that for a long time Spain had a stereotypical and not desireable image in my mind, previous trips had always revolved around sunbathing and staying within the hotel grounds which have never held an appeal for me. This time I’m going to Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Granada. I’ve pre-booked UNESCO site tours and have only checked the temperature for the purpose of packing correctly, not tanning. I’m excited for islamic architecture, fire festivals and easter celebrations. The last occasion is particularly surprising – I fainted in God Friday mass when I was younger, it’s a long mass! I’m excited for tapas and Gaudi and Dali and everything else Spain has to offer and I previously dismissed.

It’s a relief to be looking forward to travel again. It’s one of the few things I never have doubts about and know will always be to my benefit. I’ve never had an all consuming passion or talent like some people but I’ve always wanted to travel and seeing different landscapes. I went into playschool one morning talking, or as the teacher said “raving”, about volcanoes. Now I’ve been inside a volcano and am actively plotting how to get to Ethiopia to camp by a lava lake and have no questions or doubts about this. It’s a constant, a stability the insatiable desire to learn, go and see. I’m so glad it’s back.

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